Why Nanotechnology?

Dendrimeric Polymers Require Less Solvent and Offer Extreme Performance

Dendrimers are polymers which branch out from a central point to form a spherical shape. They therefore have a defined outer surface and interior core, like a molecular cell. IP TECH has capitalized on this by offering dendrimers with a highly branched, highly chemically resistant aliphatic polycarbonate core, and a surface of reactive hydroxyls. The surface hydroxyls are derivatized for optimized performance in various applications.

QUICKSTAR X and EXT Series  >




These are our underivatized dendrimers. The X series is completely soluble in water and is used as a coalescent in 2K urethane systems. The EXT series has an expanded core and is soluble to 50% in water and is also used in 2K urethane systems.


These dendrimeric polyols are derivatized with cycloaliphatic groups to increase their crystallinity. They were designed for the automotive refinish market in which quick drying and low isocyanate demand is necessary. But most importantly, they reduce very quickly in viscosity when diluted with just a little solvent. This has made them very useful for milling of pigments. These form very tough and flexible urethane coatings.They also have very high gloss and are easily buffable when used in a clear coat or single stage coating. They are cost effective with acrylic coatings.

QUICKSTAR H, J and K Series  >

These dendrimeric polyols are derivatized with aliphatic groups to achieve very low viscosity relative to their molecular weight. They are ideal for high solids or 100% solids urethane systems and cure to form highly chemically resistant and durable materials. They are ideal for high solids, high performance coatings as well as in 100% solids urethane coatings, adhesives, sea